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Electrical Engineering Intern at MACOM
Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Job Description:

Applicants for this electrical engineering internship position will support MACOM engineers in the development of high power, high frequency GaN-on-Silicon based transistors. The position is physically located in Morrisville, North Carolina USA.

The primary focus area of this position will involve failure analysis of GaN-based transistors. Failure analysis tasks and techniques such as electrical evaluation/curve tracing, acoustic microscopy (“Sonoscan”) characterization, de-lidding/de-capping, high magnification optical inspection, FIB/SEM analysis, EDS analysis and occasionally STEM analysis will be leveraged. The applicant is expected to work and interact with external vendors, including providing the vendor with detailed work instructions, to support some of the assigned failure analysis tasks. The applicant will analyze, organize and document all collected failure analysis data with the goal of determining root cause of device failure. The applicant will be expected to write and present detailed failure analysis reports and report findings to MACOM engineers. The applicant should have experience with electrical probe testing and curve tracing, optical microscopy, acoustic microscopy, understand the capabilities of focused ion beam (FIB) cross sectioning, secondary electron microscopy (SEM) inspection, and scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) analysis and have versatility in the Microsoft Office Suite and statistical analysis software such as JMP. The applicant should have excellent oral and written communication skills and will be expected to present data and findings both verbally and in written reports.

Secondary focus areas of this electrical engineering internship will include exposure to and assisting MACOM engineers with the following:

Trend charting and analysis of characterization data derived from GaN-on-Si epitaxial “starting material”.
Trend charting and analysis of DC and RF electrical testing data taken on GaN-on-Si transistors.
Performing electrical testing on GaN-on-Si devices (die and packaged form) including but not limited to early life failure and other reliability testing and automated test equipment (ATE) production testing.
High level exposure to aspects of GaN device packaging technology including writing assembly requests and performing occasional packaging level testing such as leak testing.
Job Qualifications:

The applicant should be enrolled in a 4-year degree in electrical engineering, physics or materials science and should be entering at least the Junior year of that degree program. One year of experience in the primary focus area is preferred. Familiarity with electronic device fabrication processing technology and device mask layout principles are also preferred.
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